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Phoenix egg.
Mountains of Thune
Where the wizard fell

To the south of the Land of Een rise the foreboding Mountains of Thune. If Eens are ever to venture past the magic curtain, they rarely would go this way, for it is said that the mountains are populated by dangerous creatures—magical and otherwise.

Gregor Griffinskitch was one wizard who did venture into the mountains. He had heard that a fire lizard had nested there and, in an effort to impress the Elders of Een, decided to snatch one of the creature's eggs. For several days Gregor climbed the treacherous peeks, and at last he reached the top. He did indeed find his prize here, but when he reached out to grasp it, the egg was so fiery hot that it caused the wizard to yelp and lose his footing.

Down the peaks he tumbled, breaking his body in the fall. He would have died if not for the magical aid of his master, the sorceress Winter Woodsong. Yet, forevermore, Gregor remained crippled and hunched.

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