Kendra Kandlestar
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Secret tunnel.
Secret Tunnels
Hidden headquarters beneath Een

Beneath the town of Faun's End and in the surrounding area run a network of secret tunnels that were built in the ancient Days of Een, before the existence of the magic curtain.

Very few know of the tunnels’ existence. The sorceress Winter Woodsong took refuge in the tunnels when her life was put in danger during the tyrannical rule of Burdock Brown. Winter then instruced Kendra Kandlestar and her companions to travel through the tunnels in an attempt to escape Captain Rinkle and the Een Guard.

When Burdock Brown grew in power and began enacting laws to enslave Een animals, many of the creatures used the tunnels as a place to hide. Eventually, the tunnels became more than just a refuge, but a center of operations for an underground resistance to fight against Burdock Brown. Called the Knights of Winter, the resistance worked to restore peace and sensibility to the Land of Een.

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