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Een baby.
Nestling Nook
Where Eens are named

Situated near the western crack, Nestling Nook is a quiet haven away from the bustle of Faun’s End. Many Een birds, particularly owls, live in the community.

Many a family comes to stay in Nestling Nook to await and welcome the birth of a new baby, as it is a favorite place to hold the naming ceremony.

According to Een custom, an Een baby is not given a name until the first full moon after his or her birth. The ceremony is quite simple; the baby is held up to the light of the moon and the mother announces the name for all to hear. In response, the fireflies dance and owls hoot in celebration.

Legend holds that this tradition goes back to the very first days of Een, when a young mother was carrying her newborn child through the woods where Nestling Nook now stands. The mother heard a sound that gave her a fright. “Do not harm me! For I carry a child!” she is said to have cried out. To which, the call of an owl came from the woods: “Who!? Who!?”

As the story goes, the mother had not yet named the child, but thinking she might be spared harm, quickly called out a name for her babe. Of course, the owls had meant her no harm and fluttered away. Legend does not record the name of her child, though some like to think it was Leemus Longbraids, one of the original elders of the Land of Een.

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