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Professor Bumblebean with a book tree.
Een Library
Where books grow on trees

The Een library is located inside an enormous barrel, in the town of Faun’s End. At the top of the great casket is a magnificent crystal dome, built of sparkling glass and arched branches that twist and snake to meet at a sharp point high above the ground.

Inside the library are hundreds of book trees that stretch up to the domed roof. Staircases spiral up many of the trees so that the taller branches can be reached, and there are many balconies and galleries suspended high above the main floor. The space is warm and inviting, for sunshine filters through the dome and the fragrance from the trees is delightful.

The most famous head of the library was Professor Bumblebean. The library was founded by one of Professor Bumblebean’s ancestors, Byron Bumblebean. As the legend goes, Byron once once found himself in a game of cards with the giants, and by the end came away with a gargantuan barrel of pickles. Byron brought the pickles back to Een and once all of its contents had been eaten, he used the empty barrel to build the library.

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