Kendra Kandlestar
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Krake Castle.
Krake Castle
Fortress of doom and despair

Perched on the craggy cliffs above the Seas of Ire was the ominous fortress known as Krake Castle. Populated by the lizard-like creatures known as Krakes, the castle was also a home to many different species; or perhaps it is better said that it was their prison, for the Krakes captured many creatures to fight in their infamous Rumble Pit.

The ruler of the castle was Queen Krake. The castle not included dungeons, the Rumble Pit, and a throne room, but also an enormous hatchery where the queen's countless eggs were incubated.

Kendra Kandlestar, along with Honest Oki and Juniper Jinx, journeyed to Krake Castle in attempt to rescue the Unger known as Trooogul. Alas, Kendra was to be captured, and so ended up as one of the many prisoners destined to fight in the queen's arena.

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