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Flowers and mushrooms.
Kojo’s Hope
A place of waiting

The small and quaint town of Kojo’s Hope lies across the River Wink, about a half-day journey from the largest of Een towns, Faun’s End.

The town is famous for the nearby Rainmaker’s Rhapsody, a magical garden that was planted by Krimson Kandlestar.

The town of Kojo’s Hope was named after a famous legend. In the Days of Een, two Teenlings, Kojo Kindfire and Anoora Auldsong, fell in love and wanted to marry. Anoora’s father, an important Elder of Een, forbid their union, so Kojo and Anoora deciped to elope.

They agreed to meet in a secret place across the River Wink in the middle of the night. But Anoora’s father discovered their arrangement, and locked the girl in her chambers. Kojo waited all night for his love, but of course she did not come. Kojo was never seen again. Some say he died in the woods as he awaited Anoora, while others say that he left Een, his heart broken and his hope shattered. The place where he waited for Anoora is now known as Kojo’s Hope.

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