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Gunt’s Hart
Town of tall tales

Located in the hills on the southern side of the River Wink, Gunt’s Hart is a small farming town famous for the cultivation of Eenberries.

Many farmers travel to the town of Faun’s End to sell the berry and the many products made from it, including Eenberry juice, Eenberry preserves, and Eenberry pie.

Gunt’s Hart is named after the legend of a herb gatherer called Gareth Gunt, who lived in the Days of Een, before the raising of the magic curtain. Living alone in the hole between the roots of an old oak tree, Gareth claimed to have seen many magical creatures visiting the fields where the town of Gunt’s Hart now stands.

His most tantalizing story involved the sighting of a magnificent flying hart (known as a peryton), which Gareth said came to graze upon the fields of wild Eenberries. Many an Een traveled to the fields to see if they could spot the magnificent beast, only to return disappointed.

Indeed, no one ever saw the peryton, though Gareth maintained that the creature often visited. These days, a popular Een saying is “You might as well chase Gunt’s Hart,” usually offered up when someone suggests something foolish.

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