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Tree of Een.
Whispering Grove
Vale of enchantment

Beyond the tiny town of Faun’s End, across the River Wink, and over the green hills of Gunt’s Hart, there is a sacred, hidden grove. This is called the Whispering Grove, and it so hidden, that only the eldest of Eens knows it exists.

The Whispering Grove is a magical place, and the home of a mighty Een oak. This ancient tree provides the Een wizards and sorceresses with the sacred Eenwood that they use for their wands and staffs. When visited, the tree comes to life, speaking in a magical tongue and rustling its leaves so that a gentle murmuring can be heard throughout the entire grove.

Gregor Griffinskitch visited the grove on several occasions, not only to obtain his own Eenwood, but also to bring his apprentices, Kayla Kandlestar and Kendra Kandlestar, before the tree.

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