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The Statue of the Fallen Faun
Statue of the Fallen Faun
Ancient crypt, secret passage

In the town of Faun’s End stands an ancient statue to commemorate Flavius Faun, who long ago traveled to the Land of Een by means of an underground tunnel. As the story goes, Flavius had fallen seriously ill by the time he reached Een and, as such, he remained in the tiny land until the end of his days. He was beloved by the Een people, so much so that they named the town of Faun’s End after him and resurrected the statue to remember him by.

Beneath the statue lies a crypt, where Flavius was laid to rest after his death. The crypt is a dark and elaborate place, adorned with many peculiar artifacts and life-size Een statues.

According to Professor Bumblebean, legend had it that the tunnel that Flavius Faun used to reach Een could still be found beneath the crypt, leading to the outside world. It was this hidden passage that Kendra Kandlestar searched for when she needed to sneak out of Een and search for the Door to Unger.

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