Kendra Kandlestar
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Ander’s Down
Place of solitude

Far to the south in the Land of Een, beyond Glum Puddle and Boot Pond, sits the small, remote settlement of Ander’s Down.

Very few Eens live here, in the shadows of the Mountains of Thune, and only those who have are in pursuit of peaceful solitude.

Roompa Ringtail chose Ander’s Down for his home after being banned from practicing Een magic. It was also the chosen place of retirement for Timmons Thunderclaws, an ornery badger who once worked as captain of the Een Guard and was a particular friend of Winter Woodsong.

In fact, the ancient sorceress asked Kendra Kandlestar, Honest Oki, and Juniper Jinx to flee to Ander's Down in order to hide from the wrath of Burdock Brown. The three companions traveled through the network of secret tunnels beneath Faun’s End, but after they were betrayed, they were forced to flee through the magic curtain into the outside world.

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