Kendra Kandlestar
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Maiden's Mirror.
The Shard from Greeve
Stone of dark and dangerous magic

In the Days of Een, when the Wizard Greeve cast his treacherous curse upon his brothers, it is said that his cauldron shattered in an explosion of hatred.

Countless years later, one of the fragments from this shattered cauldron fell into the hands of young Kendra Kandlestar. Known as the Shard from Greeve, this dark stone harbored a potent and virulent power, something relished by the young Een girl as she journeyed to the Rumble Pit in an attempt to rescue Trooogul the Unger.

Each of the five monster tribes—Ungers, Krakes, Goojuns, Izzards, and Orrids—desired to find the Shard, as it was the final missing piece required for rebuilding Greeve's cauldron and resurrecting the curse upon the Eens. A full-scale war erupted between the monsters over the Shard, a war that swept up Kendra and Trooogul, irrevocably changing their lives.

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