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Kazah Stone.
Kazah Stone
Symbol of Een wizardry

Kazah is a special type of stone that can only be found in the Kazah Caves in the Crystal Peaks, beyond the borders of the Land of Een. Kazah is said to have a mysterious power, one that provides a glimpse into the past or future. Traditionally, young Een wizards and sorceresses are given rings made of Kazah once they have completed their apprenticeship. However, these rings are usually just crudely-cut gemstones and possess limited powers.

The Een wizard Shaden Shiverbone crafted a ring using a stone that was perfectly round and dark purple in color. It was eventually stolen by Shiverbone’s one-time apprentice, Leerlin Lurk. When Kendra Kandlestar saw the stone up close, she realized that it had a terrible rupture. Agent Lurk claimed this crack was a source of great power, though the nature of that power was to remain a mystery to Kendra—at least for a little while.

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