Kendra Kandlestar
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Staff of Eenwood.
Instrument of Een magic

The Eens rely on the sacred Eenwood to help channel their magic abilities. The wood comes from an ancient oak that stands in the Whispering Grove, a place hidden deep in the forests of Een. When Eens are chosen to study magic, they are taken before the great tree and asked to place their hands upon the trunk. A twig of wood will sprout forth from the tree and be given to the apprentice. This wood is unique, for it continues to “live” after it has been plucked from the tree, growing and maturing with the wizard who wields it. In general, the length of a wizard’s wand is an indication of his or her mastery of Een magic.

When Kendra Kandlestar received her wand, she was disappointed because of its tiny size, and she had trouble feeling that same spark that she had experienced when first meeting the great Een tree.

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