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Een watering a book tree.
Book trees
When shelves just won't do

Inside the library at Faun’s End are hundreds and hundreds of book trees. These trees bear no fruit or flowers, but books—more than you can imagine, with each tree sprouting forth with wonderful volumes of text.

Book trees are planted with small seeds that are then fertilized with the pages of old books. They are then watered with special cans that contain not water, but letters. Once the trees have matured, many of the Een scholars will fertilize the trees by placing their hands on the trunks and transmitting their knowledge.

The fruit of these special trees—the books—start off closed and green. When they are ripe, they open up to display their crisp white pages. The books shouldn’t be picked until they are ripe, for they often possess the characteristics of their subject. Ratchet Ringtail found this out the hard way when he tried to pick a book on dragons, which was yet to ripen. As Ratchet tried to open up the book, flames shot out from the pages, singeing his whiskers.

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