Kendra Kandlestar
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One of the five monster tribes

Of the many monsters that lived in the world beyond the magic curtain of Een, Orrids were some of the smallest. They were still terribly dangerous creatures, however. They leapt about on all four legs like giant fleas and they had sharp fangs and a pair of curled horns, which they used when charging into their intended victims. They were nasty and vicious, and preferred to attack in herds. They fed on a variety of forest creatures, though they would not eat creatures that could speak, such as animals from the Land of Een.

Orrids had no specific homeland. They lived in little herds scattered about the wilderness. Most of their communities were built high up on rocky cliffs. Orrids were adept climbers themselves, and had no difficulty in reaching places that seem inaccessible to other creatures.

Kendra Kandlestar encountered many Orrids while searing for her family in the outside world.

After the destruction of Grendel Greeve’s temple, the Orrids fought in the great war against the other monster tribes: Ungers, Krakes, Goojuns, and Izzards.

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