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Krakes hatching.
One of the five monster tribes

One of the most dangerous creatures that lived in the outside world beyond the magic curtain of Een were called Krakes.

Krakes had small forearms and larger back legs that were good for pouncing. They had long necks, sharp beak-like mouths, and a set of attenae on the top of their heads. They were greenish-yellow in color and were often dappled, which helped provide camouflage.

Male Krakes, known in a Krake colony as drones, were quite small, but extremely dangerous, for their bites contained enough poison to kill a victim. There was only ever one female in a Krake colony at a time; this was the queen, who was usually ten to twenty times larger than her male counterparts. It was the job of the males to provide food and protection for the queen and her countless eggs that she would lay each year.

Krakes feasted on a wide variety of fish, insects and animals, though they would not eat creatures that could speak, such as animals from the Land of Een. Male Krakes hunted in large raiding parties, using their venom to quickly defeat intended prey.

Most Krakes lived in the great fortress known as Krake Castle, which was perched on the craggy cliffs above the Seas of Ire. Here the queen, simply known as Queen Krake, ruled over her colony with devilish delight.

Kendra Kandlestar encountered many Krakes while adventuring in the outside world, including Queen Krake. Kendra’s Uncle Griffinskitch was once bitten by a Krake, and his life seriously endangered.

After the destruction of Grendel Greeve’s temple, the Krakes fought in the great war against the other monster tribes: Ungers, Goojuns, Izzards, and Orrids.

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