Kendra Kandlestar
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One of the five monster tribes

With foul breath, sharp teeth, and long whip-like tails, Izzards were one of the most disgusting creatures that lived in the outside world beyond the magic curtain of Een.

Izzards ate a variety of creatures, though they would not eat creatures that could speak, such as animals from the Land of Een. They hunted alone or in small groups, and were incredibly speedy and silent. They were known to swat prey with their long tails, so as to momentarily stun the victim before devouring it. Izzards had no specific homeland or territory. They migrated across the wilderness, searching for prey of carnage, and rarely built a nest in the same place twice. They preferedr wet, swampy environments and were most comfortable in water or mud. They were adept swimmers and climbers.

Kendra Kandlestar encountered many Izzards during her travels in the outside world. After the destruction of Grendel Greeve’s temple, the Izzards fought in the great war against the other monster tribes: Ungers, Krakes, Goojuns, and Orrids.

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