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Magical and musical creatures

The hairy goat-like creatures known as fauns are an ancient race, some say older than Eens. Fauns love music and magic, but they are not fond of shaving and will only do so under the most dire of circumstances.

One Faun in particular played an important part in Een history. During the early days of Een, Flavius Faun traveled through an underground tunnel with a small band of followers. The journey was long and treacherous and in order to amuse his followers, Flavius would play them jigs on his pipe. At last, the tunnel came to an end, opening up into the tiny land of Een. Flavius had fallen gravely ill by this point, so while many of his faun followers continued the journey, Flavius remained in Een until the end of his days. The town of Faun’s End was named after him.

Hundreds of years later, Kendra Kandlestar met a Faun named Effryn Hagglehorn while searching for the Door to Unger.

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