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Een animals
Enchanted creatures

The Een people have lived in harmony with animals since the formation of their land. When the magic curtain was created to hide the Land of Een from the outside world, many animals found themselve living within the enchanted realm. Over hundreds of years, the magic of the Eens slowly changed the animals, causing them to grow larger and more intelligent than their counterparts in the outside world. Een animals now speak and behave just like any other inhabitant in the Land of Een.

Een history records many prominent animals. These include Clovin Cloudfoot, Honest Oki, Juniper Jinx, Ratchet Ringtail, and Luka Long-Ears.

The term “Een” often refers to all Eens, animals and otherwise—though there are those, such as the would-be emperor Burdock Brown, who gladly made the distinction. As far as Burdock was concerned, Een animals were lesser beings than true Eens and should have been treated accordingly.

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