Kendra Kandlestar
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Lovers of gold

What dwarves lack in grace, charm, and manners, they more than make up for with gold, silver, and jewels. Most dwarves live in the underground kingdom of Umbor, though they have been known to come to the surface from time to time, if it means recovering wealth that has been mined from the earth and taken above surface.

Dwarves are certainly most comfortable underground. They are experts in mining and processing precious metal. They are quite short and stout (though much larger than Eens). All dwarves, even women and children, have beards. They are very crafty and industrious, especially when it comes to the pursuit of wealth. They love magic, though most of the enchanted items they have in their possession have been stolen from the creatures that live above ground.

Kendra Kandlestar encountered the dwarf Pugglemud on many of her adventures. She found him to be a treacherous scoundrel.

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