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A hero of Unger

Like all Ungers, Trooogul had a very ferocious and intimidating appearance. He grew up in the Hills of Horm as a member of a small clan. He was an orphan; according to his clan’s elders, his parents were killed by Eens when Trooogul was just an Ungerling.

Trooogul developed an unlikely friendship with Kendra Kandlestar after the young Een girl rescued him from enslavement in the underground mines in the dwarf kingdom of Umbor. The two ended up journeying together to the fabled Door of Unger, where both of them faced their murky pasts.

Like the rest of the Unger race, Trooogul became entangled in the great war between the monster tribes. Enlisted into the Unger army by the witch Shuuunga, Trooogul developed an obsession to rebuild the cauldron of the Wizard Greeve. This led him to being captured and taken to Krake Castle where he was forced to fight in the Rumble Pit as a gladiator. He gained much fame during his time in the infamous arena, surviving numerous battles and recording many triumphs over much stronger adversaries.

Trooogul was eventually able to escape the Rumble Pit, and continue his quest to rebuild Greeve's cauldron. He was not to see Kendra again until a fateful meeting at the City on the Storm.

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