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Sorceress of Unger

The Unger witch known as Shuuunga was a powerful force in the wars that the Ungers fought both against the other monster tribes and with the Land of Een.

Shuuunga was a hideous creature. She had a mane of think hair and sported tattoos on her long, sallow face. She carried a tall wooden staff that was adorned with rattling beads and bright crimson feathers.

Shuuunga studied in secret with the Unger wizard Oroook, but eventually rejected his strange teachings and beliefs about the history of the Ungers. She publically decried the Unger Wizard, even after his death. She became obsessed with repairing the cauldron of the Een Wizard, Grendel Greeve, and convinced her people that this act would resurrect the wizard’s terrible curse upon the Eens.

She fought valiantly against the other monster tribes so that the Unger nation could be the one to possess all the fragments of Greeve’s cauldron. Eventually, the Unger sorceress was able to complete her mission; she then convinced the other monster tribes to end their feud and join together with the Ungers to destroy Een. She served as leader of the grand army, leading them in an attack upon the tiny land tucked between the cracks of Here and There.

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