Kendra Kandlestar
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Unger wizard

As an elder and wizard, Oroook was once a hallowed member of Unger society. He even served as one of the sacred seven keepers of the Door to Unger.

However, Oroook was always one for strange ideas and beliefs. He had particular views that troubled the other Ungers. In a final act of betrayal, Oroook performed a risky mission to find the Een girl, Kendra Kandlestar.

The other keepers tried to stop this mission, gravely injuring Oroook in a fierce battle. Using his wizardly skills, Oroook managed to escape the keepers and cross the magic curtain of Een. He arrived at Kendra’s door in the middle of night, claiming to know her mother, Kayla Kandlestar, who had disappeared along with the rest of Kendra’s family when she was just an infant.

Just before dying on Kendra’s doorstep, Oroook implored the Een girl to go in search of the Door to Unger, telling her that it would reveal clues about what had happened to her family.

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