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Honest Oki.
“Honest” Oki Openheart
Messenger mouse, apprentice inventor, and loyal companion

The little mouse known by the nickname Honest Oki was best friend to Kendra Kandlestar. This caused him no end of angst, for he was always off on some adventure or quest and, even though he was extremely loyal to Kendra, he was quite distressed by adventure.

Small and timid, he generally had no desire to leave the safety of the Land of Een. This might have had something to do with his mother’s never-ending frets about the dangers of the outside world. According to her, poor Oki was sure to contract Goojun Pox or—even worse—the Squeezles.

Oki grew up in a mushroom house with his parents and eight sisters. He worked as a messenger mouse for the Elders of Een until he was fired by Burdock Brown for being an Een animal or, as Burdock called him, a “critter.”

When Oki turned twelve years of age, he followed the Een custom of becoming an apprentice to study a craft. He was apprenticed to Ratchet Ringtail, the peculiar raccoon who considered himself an amateur wizard and inventor of extraordinary talent.

Oki helped Ratchet work out many of the kinks in his inventions. Together they helped build the marvelous cloud ship known as the Big Bang, based on plans that Ratchet had inherited from his grandfather, Roompa Ringtail.

Oki travelled with Kendra on all of her adventures. He was an important member of the quests to find the Box of Whispers and the Door to Unger. He also helped Kendra journey to the infamous Rumble Pit and to the City on the Storm as she searched for her family.

Oki was particularly despised by Agent Lurk, who claimed that the mouse has played an important part in ruining his own magical career.

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