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Leemus Longbraids.
Leemus of Longbraids
Founder of Een

One of the seven brothers who sat on the first Council of Elders was named Leemus Longbraids. Along with his brothers, Leemus attempted to oversee the affairs of Een wisely and fairly.

According to legend, one of the brothers, Grendel Greeve, plotted against the council, and so Leemus, along with the rest of the brothers, banished the dark wizard. Greeve eventually invited his brothers to his own dark temple in a ploy to curse them. Curse them he did—only Leemus managed to escape.

It is said that Leemus Longbraids returned to Een and built the magic curtain that would protect the land from the outside world. It is generally considered that the construction of the curtain signified the end of the Days of Een or, as historians call it, the First Age of Een.

Leemus famously loved Een animals, and fought vigorously for their rights in Een society. It is said that the first Captain of the Een Guard, Clovin Cloudfoot, was chosen by Leemus.

Many legends are told about Leemus Longbraids. Some famous stories include “The Building of the Magic Curtain,” “Leemus Longbraids and the Braided Eengels” and “The Taming of the Owl.”

Leemus is commemorated not only with these stories, but with many songs and works of art. A large statue of him can be found in the Rainmaker’s Rhapsody, a garden outside of the town of Kojos Hope.

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