Kendra Kandlestar
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Krimson Kandlestar.
Krimson Kandlestar
Magical gardener

Kendra Kandlestar’s father was named Krimson. He was a master gardener, planting many wonderful gardens throughout the Land of Een. He also helped consult on the care of the book trees in the Een library.

Perhaps Krimson’s crowning glory was the garden he designed near the town of Kojo’s Hope. Called the Rainmaker’s Rhapsody, the garden features many unique varieties of flowers, including songbells.

Krimson was known for his bright red beard, his marvelous laugh, and his kind demeanor. These are just some of the qualities that attracted the attention of the young Een wizard named Gayla Griffinskitch, though it took many years for her to admit her love for the humble gardener. Eventually, Krimson and Gayla married. As per Een tradition, Gayla changed her name to Kayla, so as to match Krimson’s name, and eventually the couple had two children, Kiro and Kendra.

Krimson was very devoted to his family, and supported Kayla even when her ideas came under attack from the elders of Een. Krimson disappeared, along with Kayla and Kiro, in the wretched wilds of the outside world when Kendra was still a baby.

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