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Kendra Kandlestar
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There was no one quite so strange as young Kendra Kandlestar. Unlike most Eens, Kendra craved adventure from a young age and yearned to venture into the outside world that existed beyond the magic curtain. Of course, there were other things that set her apart too. There were her crazy braids, seven in all, which radiated out from her head like the rays of a star. There was the fact that her closest friends were Een animals. And, finally, there was the mysterious connection that seemed to exist between Kendra and the monstrous Ungers.

It was for these reasons that many of the inhabitants in the Land of Een fretted about Kendra during her childhood and viewed her as a trouble-maker. Perhaps no one believed this more than elder Burdock Brown. Given his way, he would have expelled Kendra from the Land of Een altogether.

Kendra’s mother, father, and brother mysteriously disappeared when she was just a baby, so she lived with her Uncle Griffinskitch, one of the most powerful wizards in the land.

Kendra received her wish to explore the outside world when she was eleven years old. After the Eens’ precious Box of Whispers was stolen, Kendra was chosen by the magic orb to journey into the outside world to find it, along with her uncle, Honest Oki, Professor Bumblebean and Captain Jinx. Kendra faced the thief in a dramatic confrontation at the Castle of Krodos.

Kendra embarked on her next quest after the Unger wizard Oroook advised her to find the Door to Unger. Oroook claimed that if she could find this fabled door then she might be able to discover a clue about what happened to her family. With the help of Uncle Griffinskitch and her loyal companions, Kendra once again left behind the Land of Een and faced the Door to Unger in the dreaded Greeven Wastes.

After her twelfth birthday, Uncle Griffinskitch decided to train Kendra Kandlestar as a wizardress. He took her to the sacred whispering grove and there she procured her very own wand of Eenwood. Kendra also received additional advice and wisdom from the ancient sorceress Winter Woodsong.

Kendra left the land of Een with Oki and Jinx to go in search of her brother in the infamous Rumble Pit. During this time, she was tempted by ths Shard from Greeve and was pursued by the mysterious Agent Lurk.

It was during this quest that Kendra also befriended the magnificent peryton, whom she simply called Prince.

After facing a deadly battle in the Rumble Pit, and confronting Queen Krake, Kendra sailed about the magical airship known as the Big Bang and continued her search for her family by seeking the fabled City on the Storm.

It was during this voyage that Kendra came in possession of her very own Kazah Stone. The Stone was cracked, but Kendra was soon to discover that this splinter was the source of the ring’s true power. Using the Kazah Stone helped Kendra to discover many clues about the mysterious past of the Een people and aided her in her quest to search for her family.

Kendra was known by many nicknames throughout her life, including Little Star (given to her by her brother), Arinotta (meaning “Little Horns” in the language of perytons), Princess Star (given to her by the inhabitants of the City on the Storm), "Braids", and the Sorceress of Sight.

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