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Juniper Jinx.
Juniper Jinx
Defender of Een

She may have been just a tiny grasshopper, but Juniper Jinx had a reputation that made her seem larger than a giant. She was famous for her mighty brawn, and even mightier insults. When Jinx turned twelve, she was apprenticed to her Uncle Jasper to study the art of magic, but she failed miserably at this occupation. During her apprenticeship, she accidentally drank a magic potion that gave her incredible strength.

When Uncle Jasper disappeared in the Forests of Wretch that lay beyond the magic curtain of Een, Jinx decided to train to become a guard for the Council of Elders. She excelled in this role and eventually became Captain of the Een Guard, with special duty to protect Winter Woodsong.

Jinx held this role until she was fired by Burdock Brown for being an Een critter.

Because of her strength and courage, Jinx was chosen by the magic orb to go in search of the Box of Whispers. The heroic grasshopper also joined Kendra Kandlestar in her quest for the Door to Unger and pledged further allegience to her when the Een girl became falsely accused of crimes against Burdock Brown. Jinx helped Kendra and Honest Oki escape Een, and together they journeyed to the Rumble Pit. Afterwards, she joined the search for the City on the Storm.

Jinx did not have many friends. She voiced a great dislike for Professor Bumblebean and his great intellect, but in truth, Jinx was a bit envious of him.

Jinx had many weapons including swords, spears, and axes. In battle, she wielded her weapons skillfully, jumping quickly about her enemies with her long and powerful legs. She played a pivotal role in the battle between the Eens and the monster tribes.

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