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Gregor Griffinskitch
Ornery wizard of Een

One of the most powerful wizards of the Second Age of Een was Gregor Griffinskitch, more affectionately known as ”Uncle Griffinskitch” by his young niece, Kendra Kandlestar.

Gregor studied the art of magic as an apprentice to the famous sorceress Winter Woodsong. As such, he wielded his staff of Eenwood with skill, even in the most dangerous situations.

Unlike most Eens, he was not easily rattled. In his younger, brasher days, Gregor set off to seek the nest of a fire lizard in the Mountains of Thune. But he fell from those rocky cliffs, an accident that left him forever hunched and crooked. It was after this event that Gregor joined the Council of Elders.

He eventually endeavored to tutor his sister (and Kendra’s mother), Kayla Kandlestar, in the ways of magic. The two had a fiery relationship, and just before Kayla took her family and disappeared into the wilds of the outside world, Gregor had a terrible argument with his sister, in which many unkind words were said. This may be one of the reasons the old Een rarely wished to discuss anything to do with Kendra’s family.

After Kayla disappeared, old Gregor was left to look after his infant niece. Not one to tolerate mischief or idleness, Gregor proved to be an ornery guardian, often responding to Kendra’s many questions with a mere “humph.”

When the Box of Whispers was stolen, Gregor was chosen to lead the mission to recover the important treasure. Once the quest was completed, he decided to abandon his chair on the Council of Elders in order to help Kendra search for their missing family. He traveled with her to seek the Door to Unger, hoping to discover a clue to the mystery.

Once Kendra turned twelve, Gregor decided to take her as an apprentice and train her as a wizard. He had only been teaching her a short time when Burdock Brown concocted a plot against him. The accusations were false, but Gregor nonetheless ended up in the dungeons beneath the Elder Stone.

He eventually escaped and joined Kendra in the search for the City on the Storm, hoping once again that such a quest would unravel the mystery of his long-lost sister. Gregor eventually returned to Een where he fought in the dramatic battle against the monster tribes of the outside world.

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