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Grendel Greeve.
Grendel Greeve
Dark warlock, unforgiving brother

During the First Age of Een, the land between the cracks of Here and There was governed by seven “brothers.” For many years, these brothers ruled Een wisely and fairly; but one of the brothers, the wizard Grendel Greeve, came to know envy and hatred. He desired to have power over his brothers, and so he used his dark arts to plot against them.

But one of the brothers, Leemus Longbraids, discovered Greeve’s plot and the dark wizard was banished. Greeve traveled to the north, where he constructed a temple: a deep underground maze that served as a monument to his terrible heart. The entrance to this temple was called the Door to Unger.

But this temple did not soothe the dark wizard’s heart. He tricked his brothers into visiting his maze and here Grendel Greeve enacted a terrible curse. It is said that his cauldron shattered in an explosion of hatred, leaving behind many shards of dark power. All the brothers were vanquished in this treachery—all except Leemus Longbraids.

After the Wizard Greeve died, it is said that his ghostly spirit remained in the temple, inhabiting not only the maze, but the Door to Unger itself.

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